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Welcome to impossiblevids! This is princessshannon's personal community to post her edited videos. Before you get started, here are just a few rules and comments I'd like you to read. Nothing painful, I promise :)

Rules & Comments

1. Join and friend this community to keep up with any new postings or updates!

2. Don't steal my videos and pass them off as your own. This includes uploading them to YouTube or any other video site! I have set up an account for all my edited videos. My YouTube account can be found here. Not all my videos can be found here, as copyright issues prevent me from posting them, but you can find a few.

3. Don't use my videos to create your own. In other words, don't download them, import them into a video editing program, and move around a few clips and put it to a different song. Respect my hard word and countless hours of editing, please?

4. I love comments and suggestions! Good, bad (but not in a mean way!), anything. So don't be shy!

So now that you've read the rules, you probably want to see what videos I have here. I set up a search post where you can search through tags in 2 categories; fandom and video format. That post can be found here. Have fun!

About My Videos

- The majority of the videos you'll see here are Buffy and Angel related. I can't help it, they are my favorite shows :)

- I've edited my videos with a bunch of programs. I started out on Pinnacle's Studio 8, which is amazing for new vidders and will teach you the basics. However, effects are extremely limited unless you purchase full versions. Then I started using Windows Movie Maker, which is another great program for beginners. Again though, effects are limited. I've recently started working with Sony Vegas 7.0 and effects and customizations are what make this program so amazing! And I think I've finally gotten the hang of using it :)

- The photos I use for the graphics I make for each video either come from Google searches or Screencap Paradise.

Where I Have Nominated My Videos

Sunnydale Stories Divine Awards BtVS Vidding Awards